Calm Coconut Bath Milk

Calm Coconut Bath Milk

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There’s a thin line between bath time and a pampered oasis, and it’s safe to say we’ve blurred all the lines with our creamy, moisture-rich Coconut Bath Milk.

Let's be honest,  taking a much-needed getaway in the middle of a long week is not always possible, so we combined the light coconut fragrance of the islands, botanical flowers, honey, and double-duty vitamins A & C into bath milk that turns your space into the ultimate rejuvenation destination. No sitter or flight required.

The gentle exfoliation of colloidal oatmeal and ultra-hydrating honey soothes dry and itchy skin, helping you wash a long day away and reveal your inner glow.

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Customer Reviews

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Devin Wright
Five Star Quality

This bath milk is amazing. I enjoyed such an incredible bath with this product and the amazing smell that this offers made me ever went to get out of the tub. My skin felt so rejuvenated and soft. Even the next day when I took a shower my skin still felt so silky smooth. I will definitely be ordering more to have backups.

Christian Cook
Bath time Bonus

This elevates you’re bath experience! Leaving your skin silky smooth, I’m so happy I purchased this product.


It has a very light, tantalizing fragrance that reminds me of vanilla almond milk. Perfect for an evening unwind or a self-care day just because. It feels so soft and satiny on the skin. This is probably my favorite beauty product.