Gavin Luxe: Where Self-Love Meets Ritual

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Our Vibe

Every Gavin Luxe creation whispers a truth: luxury is as much about those personal moments as it is about grandeur. It's the morning affirmations, the evening wind-downs, and the stories behind every smile. We're not just a brand; we're an experience, a feeling, a lifestyle, a VIBE!

Our Roots

Born from a desire to transform daily moments into self-love rituals, Gavin Luxe saw a world in fast-forward and decided to offer a pause. A space where each product isn't just about luxury, but a nudge to take a moment, indulge, and find oneself.

Our Craft

Each aroma, feel, and shade in our collection speaks of our unwavering commitment to quality. But more than that, it's our nod to you. To those moments you claim in a bustling day. To the rituals that anchor you. Our offerings? They're more than products; they're your ticket to the Gavin Luxe journey.


We're here for the visionaries, the self-love champions, and all the "Rich Bougie Aunties" who wear their worth with pride. Our circle is a blend of tales, experiences, and pure indulgence. If that resonates, you're already one of us.

Our Commitment

As we journey on, our pledge is clear: to be a symbol of luxury intertwined with self-love. To craft products that aren't just lavish but resonate with the soul. And to always echo that amidst life's rush, you've earned those Gavin Luxe moments.

Join the Journey

Step deeper into the Gavin Luxe world. Discover our collections, share your rituals, and let's toast to self-love. Here's to countless moments of luxury, connection, and celebration.

Meet the 
Founder, My

Meet My McCarthy, the creative force behind Gavin Luxe. With a thriving career in brand strategy, My found herself longing for something more personal, more luxurious, more her. Gavin Luxe was born from this longing, a brand that embodies three loves: impeccable style, sensuous fragrances, and unapologetic indulgence.Gavin Luxe isn't just a brand; it's a statement, a lifestyle, a way of being. It's My's way of saying, "You deserve this." It's about embracing luxury as a daily pleasure, not a guilty pleasure. It's about you, the woman who knows her worth and isn't afraid to enjoy it.Join us in a world where luxury is a right, not a privilege. Welcome to Gavin Luxe.