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Luxurious Self-Care

At Gavin Luxe, we indulge women with the therapeutic power of luxury and the richest rich, auntie vibes—Because you deserve a sensuous, aromatic experience that invites you back to yourself.

Since 2013, we've worked exclusively with our fragrance house to create signature blends of the finest oils and fragrances.

Then we hand-pour each candle to bring you balance, luxury, and bliss that crowns your space and creates the right mood every single time. 

You're Always Invited

Our exclusive collection of indulgences for home, body, and mood ranges from candles, room sprays, and perfumes to oils, scrubs, and skincare.

When you feel your cup running low, you'll always find enough reset and reward to go around at Gavin Luxe.


Three passions: impeccable design, sensuous aromatics and self-care.

Having enjoyed a successful career as a brand strategist, My McCarthy created Gavin Luxe as a way to reconnect with herself and unapologetically enjoy the indulgences that made her happy to be alive.

Gavin Luxe is My's way of aligning three passions: impeccable design, sensuous aromatics, and self-care.

The GL experience is backed by her commitment to normalize luxury and help women meet their own needs without feeling like it's too much.

Our Fragrances

We love the inexhaustible varieties of plants and flowers, so we honor the art of working with them to produce their fragrant benefits.

Our custom blends enhance the oil's inherent properties, turning them into the rich, luxuriously scented products you love.

Every ingredient in each of our products has a role to play.

We actively source every fragrance, essential oil, and plant extract that goes into our products, including raw materials native to some of the most remote places in the world.

Our ingredients are of the highest degree of purity, quality, and ethical standards.

Our Sumptuous Standards




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