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Are you passionate about all things
luxurious and self-care?

Gavin Luxe is on the lookout for Brand Ambassadors – and we think you could be the perfect fit! We're all about celebrating the art of luxurious living, and we're seeking individuals who embody this spirit and want to spread the word.

Does this sound like you?

Love fragrance, Inspires others, are an influencer in your community, active on social media with a public pages (we can not accept applicants with private social media accounts), Love to connect, and love to share experiences.

As a brand ambassador we are looking for people who can share honest feedback, participate in new product releases, provide testimonials for products provided to you and spread the news about Gavin Luxe via social media.

If that sounds like you, we've got some exciting news!

As a Gavin Luxe Brand Ambassador, you'll get to indulge in some fabulous perks:

Exclusive Products: Be the first to try our newest luxury products (yes, for free!).
Early Access and Insider Information: Get exclusive early access to our launches and events.
Community and Networking: Opportunities to connect with other ambassadors and industry insiders, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
Brand Feature: Opportunities to be featured on Gavin Luxe’s social media, website, and other marketing channels.
Exclusive Events: Invitations to exclusive virtual or in-person events, such as product launches, brand celebrations, or luxury lifestyle events.
Personal Growth Opportunities: Access to exclusive content like webinars, workshops, or talks focusing on personal branding, content creation, and luxury lifestyle insights.
Feedback and Collaboration: Opportunities to provide input on new products or potential collaborations, making ambassadors feel like an integral part of the Gavin Luxe family.

Expectations from Ambassadors

Consistent Promotion: Regular and authentic promotion of Gavin Luxe products through their channels.
Brand Alignment: Maintaining a brand image and content that aligns with Gavin Luxe's values and aesthetics.
Engagement: Active interaction with their audience regarding Gavin Luxe products, including sharing personal experiences and answering queries.
Content Creation: Producing high-quality, creative content that showcases Gavin Luxe products in a lifestyle context.

Selection Process

Application and Review: Interested individuals can apply via a dedicated portal on the Gavin Luxe website. Applications are reviewed for brand fit, audience alignment, and content quality.
Interview/Meeting: Shortlisted candidates may have a brief interview or meeting to ensure alignment with brand values and expectations.
Onboarding: Successful candidates are welcomed into the program with an onboarding pack, including detailed brand guidelines, product information, and promotional strategies.