The Art of Self Massage

The Art of Self Massage

If you’ve been feeling a little stiff and sore lately, it might be time for a massage. If you absolutely can’t wait to make an appointment, don’t worry. There are a few techniques you can use to give yourself a massage at home, right now! 


Create a Comfortable Space

Before you dive into your self-massage, the first step is to create a spa-like space in your home. We recommend dimming the lights, lighting some delicious-smelling candles, turning on music that makes you feel at ease, and sitting in a comfortable position. This could be on your bed, a soft pillow, or in the bathtub.

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Gather Body Cremes and Oils

The key to a great self-massage is a body crème or oil that makes your skin feel velvety smooth. The added moisture will also help your fingers and palms glide along your skin, so you don’t create too much friction and hurt your skin.


Self-Massage for Your Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Massaging your head, neck, and shoulders is a great habit to get into, especially if you work at a desk or have a baby that you’re constantly lifting and putting down. Start your self-massage by rubbing lotion onto the back of your neck and squeezing it at the base. Slowly move your hand up and down the back of your neck, squeezing and releasing as you do.


Then, use your fingertips on both hands to rub the base of your skull in a circular motion. Move down your shoulders, rubbing in larger circles as you go. Add more body crème or oil to your shoulders if you need to.



Self-Massage for Your Hands

We use our hands all day every day, but most people completely neglect taking care of them. If you’re a person who is always typing or on their phone, your hands could probably use some serious love. Lather your hands in your favorite body crème or oil and then firmly pinch each individual finger with your opposite hand, rubbing in a circular motion and focusing on the joints. Massage your palm by wrapping your fingers around the back of your hand and pressing your thumb firmly into your palm. Rub in a circular motion all around your entire palm. Repeat everything on the other hand.


Self-Massage for Your Feet

The easiest way to massage your feet is actually with a tennis ball. Stand with one hand on a wall or piece of furniture for support and position the tennis ball over your foot. Use as much pressure as feels good and roll the tennis back around.


There are acupressure points in your feet. If you are able to target them, you may notice that other areas of your body start to feel better. Massage refreshing peppermint or lavender essential oil diluted with a carrier oil onto your feel. Focus on tender and sore spots, adjusting the pressure for your comfort.


We have everything you need to create a luxurious space for a self-massage in your home. Check out our entire candle collection, body crème, and body polish. These will help you feel like you just left a glorious spa day!

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