Dry Brushing – What is it & What are the Benefits?

Dry Brushing – What is it & What are the Benefits?

Are you looking for the next big thing in skincare? This winter, without a doubt, dry brushing your skin will be all the rage! It’s actually not a brand-new technique – it’s been around for thousands of years as the Ancient Egyptians were known to use dry brushing as a way to give their skin a soft and supple glow.


If you’re wondering, “what is dry brushing, exactly?” you aren’t alone! Although the method is growing in popularity (we can partially thank Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop for this), there is still some confusion as to how dry brushing works and what the benefits are.


Dry brushing is an excellent exfoliator

This is probably the #1 reason that people love dry brushing. Gently rubbing the skin with a dry brush helps to loosen dead skin cells and slough them away. The result is skin that is more supple and soft with a glowy appearance!


Dry brushing makes the skin appear glowy because it gets rid of all of those dull skin cells that make your skin look dull or “ashy.” Once you’ve finished exfoliating, make sure to use a rich body moisturizer like the Luxe Body Oil with Gold Leaf to add and lock in that moisture. Dry winter air will have nothing on your soft and glowing skin!


Dry brushing supports the lymphatic system

Your body’s lymphatic system helps to support your immune system. The blood in your body carries lymph fluid which is filtered through lymph nodes, removing toxins and pathogens. Dry brushing your body helps to promote blood flow which, in turn, promotes lymph flow and a healthier body.


Dry brushing increases circulation

You already know that dry brushing promotes blood flow and helps our lymphatic system to work more efficiently. Did you know that means you are also increasing your circulation? When you increase your blood circulation, you are increasing the flow of oxygen and white blood cells throughout your body to promote healing and overall wellness. Don’t worry if your skin looks a little red after a dry brushing session. You aren’t hurting yourself, that just shows where your blood is flowing!


Dry brushing makes the skin plump

Word on the street is dry brushing can reduce the appearance of cellulite because it makes the skin nice and plump. Dry brushing also makes the skin appear brighter which can help to tick the eye into seeing skin that is nice and full.


Facial dry brushing

Using a softer dry brush on your face is an excellent idea for anyone that needs a hard-working exfoliant. The bristles help to clear the face of any dull and dead skin while cleaning the pores of any dirt and oil! Plus, you get the added benefit of increasing blood circulation in your face which will help you to appear youthful and glowy. Finish up with a Calm Active Facial Serum to add and lock in that much-needed moisture!

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