Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Turning Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Bedroom Sanctuary

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Your bedroom is where you sleep and relax. Too often, it becomes the office, tv room and play area for the kids. Turn your bedroom back into the sanctuary that you deserve.

Even in a small home, there's usually enough space in other rooms to have fun. The living room and the kitchen are popular places in the house to gather as a family. The bedroom, your sanctuary is for you and, not the entire family.

Choose a soothing color for the walls

If you favorite color is orange, choose a light pumpkin or squash color. Look for  softer hues of your favorite color for a feeling of serenity when you walk in the door. If you still want a touch of the bright, use the darker shade in your accents. Try a color that will go well with almost anything so it is versatile.

Use your wall color as a base for the other colors you choose for the room. Keeping bedding a neutral shade will help it blend in with the walls. You will change your bedding more often than you probably want to change the walls. Think of your wall color as a permanent and the other items in the room as more transitory when it comes to changing up.

Grab your favorite fragrances

Studies have shown that certain scents have an impact on the brain’s emotional center and can provide a sedative effect.

Choose the a fragrance that suites the mood that you want to create. For something light and airy we recommend Shon - Sugar + Mint Leaves and if your prefer something a little more sultry, we recommend Shari - Patchouli + Sea Salt

Gavin Luxe Shon Candle

(Shon Sugar + Mint Leaves Candle)


Find your grown-up bed

As we get older,  our taste tends to change a bit. For your bedroom, choose a bed that is both comfortable and fits the needs of you and your partner. A canopy bed was fine when you were young, but not too many of us still want them as adults.

Find a bed that fit the room and that's not overpowering for the size room that you have. Depending on the size of your space a sleigh bed may give you more space than a four-poster bed. Choose the height that suits you since you will likely have the bed for a long time.

Keep it simple

Your brain needs white space too. One of the best ways to get ready for self care is to organize. Having plenty of storage makes organization so much easier. Get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in your room and that includes work.

Let your bedroom be a place that you go to enjoy time away from work. Try leaving your phone in another room so that you’re not tempted to scroll in the middle of the night. This will allow you to relax free from distractions

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in influencing the mood and is one of the most important keys to creating a soothing backdrop for your sanctuary. 
Instead of overhead lighting, use lamps. Lamps provide an intimate and relaxed feeling.

Keep it cool

Of course personal preference varies but, according to experts, the optimal temperature for the best sleep is around 65 degrees.

Play with the temperature in your room if you can. Try installing a ceiling fan or air-conditioner if needed. Open the windows to let air flow. Also be aware of the your sheets and your mattress, which can both contribute to heat build-up at night.

Add some plushness

There’s something to be said for plush pillows and textured linens . Adding an amazingly soft throw or a plush rug always ups the relaxation factor.

The bedroom is a place of escape for you. Use these decorating tips to create a real sanctuary of peace where you can leave the rest of your troubles behind.

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