Boost Productivity at Home with a Midday Shower!

Boost Productivity at Home with a Midday Shower!

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When is the best time to shower, at morning or at night? Well, why doesn’t anyone ever ask about midday showers? While the novel coronavirus made it so that we all had to stay healthy at home for… much longer than we all originally thought, we discovered something amazing.


The midday shower!


Let’s recall the work from home tips that were laid out by internet users galore (also known as the stay productive at home tips, as not everyone was able to make the switch to WFH)

  • Set an early alarm
  • Take a shower and get dressed as you normally would
  • Get your workday going by 9 a.m. and try to keep your life flowing as normally as possible.


Great advice, but after about a week or two, it felt kind of boring and, frankly, pointless. That’s just now how life should feel. Each action should be made with purpose and passion, even, and most importantly when, there isn’t that much going on in our lives. We all deserve to still feel that passion and lust for life, even if we can only find it in the smallest doses.


The Great Reckoning

7 a.m. alarms to 8:50 a.m. alarms, work clothes turned into pajama clothes, and lunchtime became the time when it finally made sense to shower - I guess we all have to at some point, right?


Well, those midday showers started to completely rejuvenate my motivation for the day! Too-early showers still felt rushed and I knew I was getting ready for work. They just felt completely normal and drab.


But, a midday shower? Oh, how that changed my mindset for the rest of the day. It felt like such a special treat that I never thought I was allowed to have before. Instead of working, binge-watching shows, or trying (and sometimes failing) to stay productive at home for hours and hors straight, I gave myself a mini spa retreat for just 30-minutes at midday.


To make it a real luxurious treat for myself (because we ALL deserve one right now), I picked up the Gavin Luxe Calm Coconut Sugar Body Polish. It smells like a day on the beach and exfoliates your skin like you’ve just been scrubbed down by the salt and sand.

It can be a little bit tough to carve out that special time for ourselves in our homes. Usually, we were able to do that with drinks at our favorite bar, a great workout session, or an actual spa day. But, humans are adaptable creatures, right?


In conclusion, the midday shower is the way to go. Once the 9-to-5s pick up again, I’m going to seriously consider asking to take a long lunch break at least once a week so I can sneak home and get my midday shower pick-me-up in! Otherwise, I suppose I can settle for a 5:30 spa retreat and give myself a little bit of extra loving when I get home from a long day’s work.

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