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Nectar Bundle
Sharna Wilson
Smell is not great

I don’t like the smell and that the scrub is a powder that I have to make in a paste should have read carefully. Thus far I like the texture of the moisturizer I will continue to use and update my review once I see a difference.

Super Soft

Really nice feel’s good on my skin highly recommend.


This smells incredible. I don't even think I'm going to light it because it smells so good. The candle itself is really hefty-in a great way. Design is perfect. The smell is like a sweet musk.

Tropical paradise

This candle was bomb!!! Havent had such a lovely scented candle in a long time. Not to mention the dope design. LOVE

Bathe in it!

Based on the description of this candle I knew I'd love it and wasn't disappointed. I don't even have to light it to enjoy the scent. It's in my living room and permeates my entire home without being heavy. Love this one!

Luxe Body Oil
Ree Waterford
Body oil=Need!

I’ve been looking for a good body oil because the one I usually use is no longer available and this one is amazing!!! I literally screamed when I first pumped it on my arm and rubbed it in! It has my skin looking beautiful! The oil is thick like a serum but it seeps into my skin nicely! Must have!

Luxe Body Oil
Devin Wright

I am obsessed with this oil. It makes my skin feels amazing and I am in love with the smell. If you don’t have this in your regimen your skin is missing out. By far boujie on a budget in a bottle.

Just what I needed

The perfect companion to a more positive day. Beautifully made. A great gift!

Black Excellence

Everything My touches is gold. The RBA collection is all the things! I L OV E D the santal candle, then she comes along and adds my favorite wardrobe piece, a kimono! It’s flowy and roomy and soft. And the packaging is always a treat. Elegance - Rich Bougie Auntie ish.

Rich and Bougie

Omg! I wasn’t having the best day and forgot my package was coming. Once I started opening the shipping box my heart dropped it was beautiful. The whole package made my day so much that I didn’t even want to opened it, it was so pretty. Lol So I let it sit on the counter for a couple of days because it was to cute to open. Don’t judge me honey I had to pour a glass of wine for this event. I chose the Blue floral Robe and it so soft and comfortable it was just what I needed. Got me feeling real Rich and Bougie lol yasss! Thank you so much for your creativity this will be the perfect gift for my girls.

Top tier

This has got to be THE SOFTEST robe on the face of the planet! It feels like nothing and something all at once. It’s so comfy and light that I fall asleep wearing it and don’t even notice!

LOVE THIS SERUM!!!! Highly recommended!!!

Hands down the best serum that I’ve ever used! Not only is the smell amazing, but this stuff is actually effective making my skin so soft and glowy!! I’m in love and I will most definitely be buying this again along with their amazing candles of course;)

Five Star Quality

This bath milk is amazing. I enjoyed such an incredible bath with this product and the amazing smell that this offers made me ever went to get out of the tub. My skin felt so rejuvenated and soft. Even the next day when I took a shower my skin still felt so silky smooth. I will definitely be ordering more to have backups.


I was so excited to see something with my name on it spelled my way at that lol. When I opened the box, the smell hit me right away. The scent is sooo amazing I placed my second order right then and there. I will be moving into a new apartment soon and I am so excited to light these candles there. Definitely worth the investment!!

Perfect self-awareness tool. Perfect gift.

This deck is absolutely beautiful!!! The design is so regal and expressive of feminine strength. The affirmations are modem and exemplary of a 21st Century BOSS! You want these cards as a daily reminder that you are that woman. You want these cards as a tool to help you combat depression and anxiety. You want these cards to help draw you back to who you are in your core. And you also want these cards to present as a gift to any woman in your life who needs the same reminders. Don’t sleep on this deck of affirmation cards and you won’t regret it. Peace and blessings!!!


Such a soft and sensual fragrance. It's love for me.

Luxe Body Oil
Regina McCloud
Best Ever

This, by far, is the best body oil ever! Just the right weight … not too light where you need to apply more. The scent is so pleasant … there’s no rival w/your perfume. As a matter of fact, it’s just enough for someone else to catch your scent. I love it!!!

Neatha - Rosewood + Vanilla Candle

Pamper + Hydrate Box
Rosie Hammond
Best thing yet

The brush is a must have. I love it! Helps with so many issues too.

Luxe Body Oil
Regina McCloud
Body Oil

Wonderful oil! Pleasant scent!! So light and natural! Not over powering!

Hands Down the BEST dry brush!

This is the perfect duo to exfoliate and revitalize your skin!

Summer Vibe Box
Heather W.
Perfect Gift!

I purchased 3 of these boxes to give away for gifts. The recipients LOVED the boxes!! They had seen my unboxing of other GAVIN LUXE goods and didn't know what to buy and try. This box provide a beautiful introduction for them to GAVIN LUXE luxury brand <3.

Route Package Protection
Tracey Moore

Route Package Protection

Summer Vibe Box
Tracey Moore
Summer Vibe

I bought the Summer Vibe box cause as we all know Summer ‘20 was not the best. Since the world is open I needed to get my vibe back. This box is a gem!! I love it and I smell so good all day. The oil, with real gold in it, is amazing! I have a keloid on my chest and sometimes the skin gets tight but with the oil it softens my skin. I’ve purchased before and will continue to purchase

Vibe - Limited Edition Travel Candle
Perfect gift!

I purchased the travel candle for a friend who’d planned a getaway to rekindle an old romance. She said the candle was perfect!!! I’ll be grabbing a few more to keep on hand as gifts — and a couple for myself.