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I LOVE that the bottles are larger than your average sample vials. There’s more than enough to give each fragrance a few good wears! My favs are I Am The Mood and Saturday Night!

Love the packaging!

I have been testing out each scent since I received my package. I love that the "dipper" vs. it being a spray sample. All of the scents are amazing! I'll be reordering "Homebody"!


Where do I even start?! Every single sample in this flight is amazing! I can’t decide what to put on first, but I will say this- Homebody is THAT girl! Imma need this fragrance in everything!

Love the scents!

I didn’t know what to expect when I got Homebody and Saturday Night. I was pleasantly surprised! Love them both as well as After Work

Homebody Candle
Excellent product

This is the most elaborate and luxurious candle that I have ever purchased and the other products are equally amazing

Juicy with depth

Love this candle. I always purchase a few at a time because running out isn't an option. It's sweet and juicy but not overly so and is grounded by the warm coconut base. I have the linen & room spray which I use when dressing my bed. The way it softly scents the room and sheets is not to be missed. It truly is a lovely, feminine fragrance.

Rich Bougie Auntie is a VIBE!

This candle is all the things...warm, inviting and sensual. It scents a room without overpowering it and the fragrance lingers beautifully. Rich Bougie Auntie is a requirement in your candle collection!

Top Tier and not oily

I’m a huge fan of Gavin Luxe already. I try to purchase something from every drop and this oil was something I gave a shot. I’m so glad I did! I have the “I am the mood” candle, and since I love the smell of it, I wanted to try it in the body oil and let me tell you, it’s top tier!

I love the fact that it smells soooo good! It actually smells like my baccarat rouge 540, but that’s another story lol. I love that it’s moisturizing, but not oily. So perfect for fresh out of the shower before bed and even a late night rub down/massage from my honey:)

I’m definitely buying more so I’ll always have some in my stash!


I started using this hydrating mask as part of my daily morning routine and noticed more moisture within the first three days.
Great product.

Moods Eau De Parfum
Alice Wilson
Best one!

This smell is absolutely perfect. I have had this scent since I visited years ago the store in Detroit and it's just so so sooo lovely and warm and inviting.

Moods Eau De Parfum
Kimberly Knox
My new favorite

This fragrance is amazing. Since I received this wonderful scent I have been wearing it everyday. I absolutely love it.

Pure Magic!

I’ve been using this for a few years now and it has TRULY become my HOLY GRAIL of skincare products. I don’t ever want to live without it! The natural glow that this product gives me after my cleaning routine is simply amazing and keeps me zoom camera ready! No makeup needed!

Seductive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love this fragrance.
It’s warm and seductive. Fills the entire room and burns evenly. A must have

Good Day/Bad Day

When you come home "After Work" whether it was a good day or a difficult one, this candle is sure to revive any lingering feelings and emotions. It's the perfect way to end the day and prepare for the next. Take some deep breathe and release.


Reminds me of being at a high end Day Spa. Long lasting fragrance.

Moods Eau De Parfum
Beautiful Butterfly
Mood AF

I Am The Mood ---- delicious! This smells divine. I love it.

Moods Eau De Parfum
Keri Washington

This new formula for the Homebody EDP definitely didn’t come to play. It lasts all day in a labor intensive field and ppl refused to stop sniffing me. Definitely love

Soooo Soothing and Refreshing!

I use bath salts regularly, but this one is incredible. I absolutely love 💕 the scent and how relaxing my bath was with this. It made my skin super smooth. I will buy more. The only thing I don’t like is the name. It’s difficult to recommend to older ladies or others that I know in other communities who don’t cuss and may have an issue with the name. Other than that, it’s superb.

It’s a Need

Usually I am skeptical about body products like this, but every time I use it I’m left speechless. It makes my skin soo silky soft, the scent “I Am the Mood” is heavenly, & both the smoothness and scent last for a long time. Need this in my life forever!! I’m in love

Self Love Club Glass Can Cup
In Love!

I absolutely love my Self-Love Club glass! It is my favorite new cup to drink my morning smoothies from and every time I use it, I am reminded to prioritize my self-love and self-care.

Ronni - Tuberose + Honey - Body + Room Mist
raquel parker

My body/room mist smells delicious and the packaging is beautiful!!

Aesthetic Brushed Gold Metal Candle
Latoya Lewis
The best smelling the world

This candle has been the best smelling candle that I have purchased from this website and from any other store. The candle has my home smelling like tranquility. 👍🏽 right how do you smell tranquility, but it's the feeling that you get when you light this candle and begin to move through your home. It makes you forget all of your stress. It has a lasting scent. The scent lingers all day even after you put the candle out. At the time I was not a member so I paid full price for this candle, but I'm so glad that I became a member after I purchased the candle because as soon as it come back into stock I will be purchasing 3 or 4 at one time. The membership price is so amazing as well. I want to thank you for your knowledge and wisdom to put this scent together. I hope everyone goes out and buy this so they too can experience what talking about.

Thank you so much Latoya for the amazing review! I'm so glad that you love the candle!

Ambiance & Occasion Summer White Candle
Beautiful Ambiance & Occasion

Now that the USPS got my delivery corrected😊 I am absolutely in love with this fragrance… The mood and tempo is just right… You never cease to amaze… Your products out do themselves each and every time!!!

Thaaaank yoooou Kimberly! I'm so glad that you love it! Thank you for taking the time out to review the product!

Made with Love

This is my first time ordering from Gavin Luxe!!! I am beyond pleased with the level of exceptional customer service and my Candle!!!! I have no words!!! Just know the my smell sense cannot be more pleased!

Neatha - Rosewood + Vanilla - Body + Room Mist
Tazania Meadows
Perfection in a bottle

This is my first time ordering from Gavin Luxe!!! I am beyond pleased with the level of exceptional customer service! Oh… yes… the spray is delightful!!!!