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Soooo Soothing and Refreshing!

I use bath salts regularly, but this one is incredible. I absolutely love 💕 the scent and how relaxing my bath was with this. It made my skin super smooth. I will buy more. The only thing I don’t like is the name. It’s difficult to recommend to older ladies or others that I know in other communities who don’t cuss and may have an issue with the name. Other than that, it’s superb.

It’s a Need

Usually I am skeptical about body products like this, but every time I use it I’m left speechless. It makes my skin soo silky soft, the scent “I Am the Mood” is heavenly, & both the smoothness and scent last for a long time. Need this in my life forever!! I’m in love

Self Love Club Glass Can Cup
In Love!

I absolutely love my Self-Love Club glass! It is my favorite new cup to drink my morning smoothies from and every time I use it, I am reminded to prioritize my self-love and self-care.

Ronni - Tuberose + Honey - Body + Room Mist
raquel parker

My body/room mist smells delicious and the packaging is beautiful!!

Aesthetic Brushed Gold Metal Candle
Latoya Lewis
The best smelling the world

This candle has been the best smelling candle that I have purchased from this website and from any other store. The candle has my home smelling like tranquility. 👍🏽 right how do you smell tranquility, but it's the feeling that you get when you light this candle and begin to move through your home. It makes you forget all of your stress. It has a lasting scent. The scent lingers all day even after you put the candle out. At the time I was not a member so I paid full price for this candle, but I'm so glad that I became a member after I purchased the candle because as soon as it come back into stock I will be purchasing 3 or 4 at one time. The membership price is so amazing as well. I want to thank you for your knowledge and wisdom to put this scent together. I hope everyone goes out and buy this so they too can experience what talking about.

Thank you so much Latoya for the amazing review! I'm so glad that you love the candle!

Ambiance & Occasion Summer White Candle
Beautiful Ambiance & Occasion

Now that the USPS got my delivery corrected😊 I am absolutely in love with this fragrance… The mood and tempo is just right… You never cease to amaze… Your products out do themselves each and every time!!!

Thaaaank yoooou Kimberly! I'm so glad that you love it! Thank you for taking the time out to review the product!

Made with Love

This is my first time ordering from Gavin Luxe!!! I am beyond pleased with the level of exceptional customer service and my Candle!!!! I have no words!!! Just know the my smell sense cannot be more pleased!

Neatha - Rosewood + Vanilla - Body + Room Mist
Tazania Meadows
Perfection in a bottle

This is my first time ordering from Gavin Luxe!!! I am beyond pleased with the level of exceptional customer service! Oh… yes… the spray is delightful!!!!

Never again

Paid over $45 for a medium size candle in a black glass container. The words rich, bougie, auntie are on a sticker, that simply gets stuck to the glass. Whoever put it on didn’t even have the decency to put it on straight. So, the slogan is slanted and looks incredibly cheap. Will never buy from this company again and I am a candle lover.

Hi there Disappointed in Florida! Thank you so very much for your valuable feedback, as all feedback helps us to grow.

As a business owner I try to focus on not only our aesthetics but also on the candle performance. I apologize for any inconvenience that the slanted label may have cause you. I'm always careful to give detailed description/ measurements on the products along with accurate images on the website to be sure that customers/ potential customers know exactly what they are getting.

Again, I apologize if the images and the video of this candle listed on the product with our label attached didn't seem to accurately depicted that there was a label on the candle vessel.

Again, thank you so much for your valuable feedback!

Add to cart!

I bought this candle several months ago. Today was the first time that I let it. The smell is phenomenal. The combination of coconut and Santal is heavenly.
I’ll be ordering the full size next time.
The travel size candles will make a perfect gift!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you love it!

Ambiance & Occasion Summer White Candle
Kajun a.k.a.Kim
Ambiance&Occasions candle🔥🔥🔥

Mannnnnn.......When I tell yall about this candle mmmm mmmmm mmmm.The smell is so 🔥.It makes you just keep smelling it.When you walk in your house it just sets off an amazing Ambiance that will have you wanting More.Thanks Gavin Luxe for my new favorite candle scent.I definitely will be ordering more.Its definitely giving The Rich Bougie Auntie Vibe.

It’s okay

Smells nice but didn’t have the potency I was expecting. Especially for such an expensive candle.


This candle and spray….wow. I’m not typically a fan of fruity things but this peach scent is just enough and not overpowering. Love that matches are included. Can’t wait to light it.

The Rich Bougie Auntie + The Ambiance & The Occassion Duo
Tynisha Brooks
So Yummy...

It is my sincere desire that Gavin Luxe never retires this fragrance and if it does, give me the recipe and all of the remaining stock. I love everything about this I need a self care routine and ritual book to make it all complete.

A Professional Auntie!

Great gift

Got this for my rich bougie auntie for Mother’s Day and she loves it! It looks beautiful and smells great!

Amazingly beautiful candle

This candle smells heavenly and the pretty label just adds to the relaxing and peaceful vibe. The scent is light, but powerful - it’s in the primary bathroom and fragrances the bedroom and hallway. Love it!

Nice packaging but...

Not for me. I was super excited to support the business and get the fragrance. Unfortunately it's too sweet for me. I expected Coco + Santal to be a more moody scent. It gave me a hewdache. Disappointed. I'll likely gift to a friend who likes sweet.


I love my candles. I am always happy with my purchase

Tropical Juicyness!

Girl Listen....been spraying ME, the bed, the air....Love it!

Rich Bougie Auntie T-Shirt
cheryl M.
Still waiting

I ordered my t shirt a month ago. 3.25.22 and as of today 4.26.22 still have not received it. i'll wait until 4.29.22 then I will dispute with my credit card

HI Cheryl! Thank you for your recent order. We've reached out to you and your order shows as delivered. Please contact us at so that we can try to resolve this issue. Thanks!

Everything I Expected & More!

I purchased for my home office and could smell in my kitchen!!!!!!

Luxe at it's Best!!

I am a self proclaimed candle connoisseur and this product is by far one of the very best. From the packaging, the smell, the presentation, it's all a very luxe vibe!!! I will be purchasing again!

Queen Candle

This candle smells like the epitome of SUMMATIME! It’s fresh and fruity ~ it honestly almost smells like those delicious orange creamsicle push pops we used to eat back in the day. I haven’t lit it yet but I can’t stop smelling it!!! The artwork is so beautiful!

This was a gift added into my order and I am sooo pleased with it! Thank you!


YAAALLLLLLLL — if you’re having second thoughts about this scent DON’T! Just add it to cart and thank me later. It smells sooo good!! The name of the scent is SPOT ON — it smells so luxurious!!! Definitely purchasing the bigger size.


I love, love, love this body oil! Very pleasant scent (citron) puts you in the mind space of being in a luxury spa or hotel setting. The feel is silky yet light weight. Perfect for the winter and summer time months. I love that the bottle has a pump applicator versus a dropper applicator (less spill accidents). The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the gold leaf/foil (in the site photo, name, and description) was missing as it was one of the reasons that sold me on purchasing the body oil (i’m all into aesthetics and uniquely packaged items so the gold leaf made me go “oooouuuu” and add to cart, but once it arrived with no gold leaf in the bottle i was a little sad. However, as stated above i definitely enjoy the smell and feel of the oil itself!!