Self-Care Sunday 003. Here's what I'm loving this week

Self-Care Sunday 003. Here's what I'm loving this week


Is it just me or do all the weeks seem to be a bit of a blur.

Here's what I'm loving this week.

Orchids and fresh eucalyptus from Trader Joe's - They had thee most amazingly beautiful stems of Orchids this week. I picked up a few.

Eight Dates - We bought this book a few weeks ago and are just diving into it while we are staying home. Strengthen and deepen your love with a fun, ingenious program of eight life-changing conversations—on essential topics such as money, sex, and trust—from two of the world’s leading marriage researchers and clinicians.

Calm Herbal Facial Steam - Perfect for creating my spa experience at home.

Calm Candle - I'm so in love with our new candle which features amberwood and myrrh. It's soo good! I promise you that I did NOT make that up.

Demosea Botanicals Papaya + Turmeric Face Mask - Demosea has some of the most amazing skincare products. The papaya + turmeric mask gives me a gentle exfoliation and a radiance to my skin. My skin will definitely be on point when we come out on the other side.

Thoughtful Cards - I've been in love with Thoughtful's for about 5 years now. They make for the perfect gift and just a quick little daily pick-me-up. Check them out here.


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