Self-Care Sunday 002. Here's what I'm loving this week

Self-Care Sunday Must Haves


Do you ever notice that sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference? This week I'm loving on these little things that are giving me joy and spring vibes even though we're still staying in. 

1. Refresh Blood Orange Hand Spray - There's something about the little citrus aroma that's giving me all the spring time feels.  

2. Refresh Blood Orange Hand Creme - This tiny little jar is just what I need since we've all been obsessively washing our hands as of late.

3. La Boheme Travel Candles - We are year around candle burners and so the tropical and fresh vibes of La Boheme make for the perfect backdrop during the warm months.

5. Rose Quartz Face Roller - I've been intentionally pausing to spend a little more time with myself.

6. Floral Sage - Well... because of course I want good juju in my space at all times.

7. The Best Damn Smelling - Trust Me. You want these. 

What little things are you loving this week?

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