Because bath time has become a staple

Because bath time has become a staple

Happy Self-care Sunday! 

We used to reserve Sundays for self-care when we weren't all working from home but since Covid-19 happened and we're all pretty much under shelter in place orders, we have to grab our self-care whenever and however we can.

As of late I've been indulging in tons of luxurious baths with exotic salts and oils and all of the accoutrements that I can gather throughout the house and order online from Amazon and

My baths give me a moment to pause, relax and rejuvenate. To soak away the stressors of life and just to simply luxuriate in some well deserved "Me Time".

Part of the beauty of taking baths is the ritual of running the water and setting the mood. There's something about the whole preparation of bath time. There are tons of bath products that are available and perfect for pampering yourself: soaps, salts, bubbles, bath bombs and the list goes on.

Here are a few things that I'm loving this week for my bath time ritual...

I always start by lighting tons of candles, incense and sage! Right now I'm loving our Calm Amberwood + Myrrh Candles and our Best Damn Smelling Incense

My Bamboo Bath Tray has quickly become and essential part of bath time in our home! Perfect for holding a little bit of everything including: my iPad for Netflix  or my relaxing playlist on Spotify, whatever facial mask I'm using for the week and of course  and my tall glass of Pellegrino Anniversary Edition 

I always fill the tub with something that will ease the tension in my body as well as create an heavenly aromatic experience. It's usually bath oils, bubble bath or salts and lately it's been our Calm Bath Salts in Rosemary & Mint.

After I've soaked my self to prune status (lol) and finally decide to pull myself out of the bath I wrap myself in my most comfy but Very Pretty Floral Robe  from

If you haven't had a chance to luxuriate in a relaxing bath, tonight is the night to start!

What are your favorite bath time accoutrements? 

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