3 Things We're Doing This Year To Put Family First and Keep Our Sanity.

3 Things We're Doing This Year To Put Family First and Keep Our Sanity.

I say it every year, around this time: The holidays are for family. But this year I'm holding myself accountable. Here's three things me and my partner have decided to do that puts family front and center:

1.Bring Everyone Together - Our solution to splitting time between my family and hers is to have Thanksgiving right here at home and bring our families together. Instead of spending time in the car driving between this house and that house, we decided to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. And guess what? EVERYONE is invited. Who every shows is who shows. We're not taking responsibility for who opts out. Literally not our concern.

2. It's a Potluck - Instead of feeling the pressure to sweat in the kitchen from sunup Wednesday to sundown Thursday we’ve let go of all the control and opened the kitchen up to include everyone. This year each of our guests is bringing a dish. We plan on the traditional fixins and probably a couple of wild card dishes, but who cares? A table full of carbs is gonna be perfectly fine.

3. Paper & Plastic - Hello! The last thing I want to do after dinner is face a tall order of dishes. We don’t have enough teenagers in the family for that. So, time to place set the finest set of paper and plastic goods that money can buy. That's it.

Honestly. I just want to spend time in the living room laughing, joking and playing games with a full belly and a happy heart. I've stressed over weight and worried over this and that all year long. For Thanksgiving, I'm giving myself permission to enjoy life, as it happens with as few limitations as possible.

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