Oops! Slightly Imperfect Candles

Oops! Slightly Imperfect Candles

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Here's your chance to try something new or grab a favorite. 

The quality of the candles are great, these just happen to have a few dents or dings on the tins. 

Available in very limited quantities

Additional Info

• 4 oz Gold Travel Tins
• 3" Wide x 1" Tall
• 10 - 12 Hours of Burn Time

Currently available in Mary and Keshia . 

Mary - Coco + Lychee 

TOP: fruity - red currant, Himalayan salt
MID: fruity - lychee, coconut, persimmon
BASE: woody - amberwood, sandalwood, musk


Keshia - Black Currant + Rose 

TOP: Black Currant, Orange, Apple
MID: Raspberry, Rose, Magnolia, Violet
BASE: Orange Flower, Vanilla Sugar, Sandalwood

In the case of scent throw, size does matter when trying to figure out the throw that a candle will distribute in a room. 

4 oz Travel Candles will work best for smaller rooms, such as a bathrooms, laundry area,  nightstands and smallish hotel rooms.

12 oz Candles are perfect for medium sized rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and larger bedrroms.

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