Our philosophy is simple – to deliver a sensual, luxurious experience.

Close your eyes and just imagine being submerged in a multi-sensory experience. The flickering flame dancing atop a candle, accompanied by richly scented essential oils, gently filling the room with an irresistible aroma. And then it happens. You are enveloped in a pleasurable, indulgent experience that will ease emotional tension and arouse the senses. Gavin Luxe products tell a story. There is a little sensuality in everyone; love, connectivity, fascination, desire, mystery, passion; we all experience it. As we unwind and relax, these emotions are heightened and it’s what we become. Gavin Luxe products provoke the inevitable.



Based out of San Diego, California, Gavin Luxe is a contemporary interpretation of vintage craftsmanship. We are enthusiastic practitioners of aromatherapy and we understand the benefits that essential oils bring when blended in the right way. Driven by our deep passion for practicing and blending oils, Gavin Luxe was established to share the benefits of sensual aromatherapy through a range of finest quality natural oils and resources available. We continue to develop and expand, and our products are now sold at exclusive retail outlets worldwide.


We love the inexhaustible variety of plants and flowers. There is an art to working with them. Taking the purest, natural ingredients, we create blends that enhance the oil’s inherent properties, turning them into rich, luxuriously scented products that deliver sensual experiences. Every ingredient in every product has a role to play. The integrity of our ingredients it vital to us, and we actively source every fragrance and essential oil and plant extract that goes into our products. Our raw materials are native to some of the most native and remote places in the world. We take great care to ensure our ingredients are of the highest degree of purity, quality and ethical standards.