Shari - Patchouli + Sea Salt - Body + Room Mist

Shari - Patchouli + Sea Salt - Body + Room Mist

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Spicy, woodsy, and full-bodied, our luxe Shari candle fills out your person or your space with seductive waves of green tea, sea salt, and sandalwood.

The notes from patchouli, vanilla, and thyme are delicately layered and immerses you in a multi-sensory experience that is seductive, luxurious, and refreshing.

Go ahead and polish off your self-care commitment and never look back.


TOP: Fresh Green, Basil, Thyme, Sea Salt
MID: Peppercorn, Green Tea, Patchouli

BASE: Vanilla, Tonka, Amber Musk, Sandalwood

Size: 3.4 oz

Directions: Shake Well. Spray liberally in the air, body (avoid eyes), clothing and linen. Test on an inconspicuous area prior to use.

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40, deioniozed water, fragrance , butylene glycol, glycerin. CAUTION: Flammable. Keep away from flames or high heat.


  • Comes Boxed
  • Measures: 6" tall x 2" across

In the case of scent throw, size does matter when trying to figure out the throw that a candle will distribute in a room. 

4 oz Travel Candles will work best for smaller rooms, such as a bathrooms, laundry area,  nightstands and smallish hotel rooms.

12 oz Candles are perfect for medium sized rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and larger bedrroms.

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