Luxe #10 Orchid + Amber Petite Duo

Luxe #10 Orchid + Amber Petite Duo

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Duo Includes:

(1) 4 oz Luxe #10 Travel Candle
(1) Perfume - 2 oz

Build a shrine for satisfaction, and never look back. No really, pull the plugs from the computer; silence all the notifications—yes, we’re pausing everything from work emails to laundry reminders; move the meetings to tomorrow. This is a self-care situation triple-dipped in Bergamot, White Birch, and luxe Pink Sugar that feels like a fizzy bottle of champagne and the perfect toast to a cozy celebration of you choosing you.

Her sumptuous notes were hand-selected to include orchid, musk, and aldehydic, so you get the whoosh of fragrance that hugs every corner of your space and each of your senses.

Luxe #10 is a Limited Edition Gavin Luxe aromatic available in our home candle, travel candle, and perfume.

Indulge today. Regret nothing.


TOP: Aldehydic, Bergamot
MID: Rose, Violet, Petitgrain, Orchid, White Birch
BASE: Sandalwood, Musk, Pink Sugar

In the case of scent throw, size does matter when trying to figure out the throw that a candle will distribute in a room. 

4 oz Travel Candles will work best for smaller rooms, such as a bathrooms, laundry area,  nightstands and smallish hotel rooms.

12 oz Candles are perfect for medium sized rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and larger bedrroms.

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