Rich Bougie Auntie Affirmation Deck

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It ain't easy being a Rich Bougie Auntie. Sometimes you need a little confirmation to affirm just who you are!

Rich Bougie Auntie Affirmation Deck features 40 beautifully illustrated on thick card stock. Each card is 3 x 5 inches

How to use: Shuffle the deck and pull out a card without looking. Read the affirmation of the day and keep it in mind throughout the day. Try saying the affirmation out loud at least 3 times per day. Keep your card in a visible place. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep your card on your fridge, taped to the mirror in your bathroom, on your desk, in your car, in your purse, or on your night stand.

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Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed

The perfect companion to a more positive day. Beautifully made. A great gift!

Perfect self-awareness tool. Perfect gift.

This deck is absolutely beautiful!!! The design is so regal and expressive of feminine strength. The affirmations are modem and exemplary of a 21st Century BOSS! You want these cards as a daily reminder that you are that woman. You want these cards as a tool to help you combat depression and anxiety. You want these cards to help draw you back to who you are in your core. And you also want these cards to present as a gift to any woman in your life who needs the same reminders. Don’t sleep on this deck of affirmation cards and you won’t regret it. Peace and blessings!!!